VMS Power Supply

VMS Power Supply


★With output voltage, current dynamic display;

★High precision steady voltage output DC regulation factor less than 1%;

★Over voltage, over current automatically protect and overheat cooling fan;

★Wide range of available voltage.


Charger Introduce:

  1. Input voltage range: DC 24V~40V;
  2. Digital display of charging current and charging voltage;
  3. Max charge current: 5A;
  4. Test battery voltage: charger automatically when less than 12.5V, stop charging automatically when it is over 13.8V;
  5. Test battery voltage: when voltage greater than or equal to 12V, the green lights always on (in normal working state); when the voltage less than 12V, the red lights always on;
  6. VMS Interface sampling 2 cores with aviation socket;
  7. When no input voltage (LED digital screen is off); the VMS is only use power from the Red and Green indicator shows battery for normal or under voltage condition.
  8. When battery voltage less than 11.5V, battery supply will cut off and offer electricity to VMS; (preventing battery from overrunning).

During Use

  1. Keep the charger dry and place in horizontal position.
  2. Check whether the switch is in the off position before power on After input voltage setting is correct, when the battery is not connected, the code table shows”000”.When the current panel is connected to the battery, the dual meter will display the battery voltage and charging current. When the voltage of the battery is lower than 12.5V, the charger starts charging. When the voltage of the battery is higher than 13.8V, the charging will automatically disconnect.

Use Protection And Warranty Range

Do not place the power in a corrosive environment to avoid damaging the electronic components. When moving the power supply, try to handle it carefully to avoid losing the internal contact of the circuit  with excessive vibration.

The warranty of this product is 1 year. During the warranty period, he fault caused by normal use according to the operating instructions (determined by the company personnel) will be repaired free of charge. In case of any other damage, repair is charge.


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27 November 2020


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